440 Series Inertia Active Shocks – The Inside Story

PSI 440 Series - The inside Story

The 440 Series shock has been in our roster for a number of years and continues to be a top performer. Why is that? Well, street-going bikes are for the most part cursed with a limited amount of total suspension travel (generally 4” or less) and maximizing that travel is what the 440 Series shocks do best. Incorporating an I.A.S valve (Inertia Active System) that separates chassis input from road input and adjusts the damping curve on the fly, they help isolate the rider from the often harsh road below. What’s really inside these things? Take a look at this image to better understand what happens inside a shock and check out this brief video of how we make them!


~ by suspensionguy on July 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “440 Series Inertia Active Shocks – The Inside Story”

  1. I must be dense but I am not finding what I need to decide between your products for my 76 FXE. We weigh just under 400 lbs plus baggage. Help me navigate to the best set of shocks not just the prices.

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