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Did you know we make a Damper for HD Springer forks?

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The beloved Springer is often overlooked when it comes to high performance suspension components. Not by Progressive Suspension, though! We’ve been happily building a replacement shock for years!

Designed to reduce front end bounce, dive and the inherent softness of the stock setup. MultiStage Velocity Sensitive Damping increases cornering stability, as well as ride quality. The Springer front end has never worked so well!

New for 2011 – 465 Series Monoshock with Hydraulic Ride Height Adjuster!

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Suspension tuning can dramatically improve the ride quality, handling and comfort of your motorcycle and the more tools available to work with, the better the results. With that in mind, Progressive Suspension has added a Hydraulic Ride Height adjuster to their 465 Series line of high performance monoshocks. The 46mm bore shock is also stuffed with features like deflective disc damping, threaded body and a 5 position rebound adjuster. Setting it up to perfectly match your bike, weight and riding style is now a few clicks away. Includes remote mounting bracket. Stock height and lowered applications for Road Star, KLR650, Raider, ST1300, V-Strom, M109R and more.

Check it out on their website, or contact your local Progressive Suspension dealer for more information.

465 Series Monoshock with Hydraulic Ride Height Adjuster MSRP: $745.90

440 Series Inertia Active Shocks – The Inside Story

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PSI 440 Series - The inside Story

The 440 Series shock has been in our roster for a number of years and continues to be a top performer. Why is that? Well, street-going bikes are for the most part cursed with a limited amount of total suspension travel (generally 4” or less) and maximizing that travel is what the 440 Series shocks do best. Incorporating an I.A.S valve (Inertia Active System) that separates chassis input from road input and adjusts the damping curve on the fly, they help isolate the rider from the often harsh road below. What’s really inside these things? Take a look at this image to better understand what happens inside a shock and check out this brief video of how we make them!

More info on setting suspension sag

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No matter the quality of your suspension upgrade its true performance potential can not be realized until it is properly set up. Progressive’s Scott Hodgson walks us through a detailed setup on a Harley bagger, although the same applies to most twin shock bike. You’ll be amazed by the difference a little tuning can make!

940 Series shocks – Installed by Hot Bike Baggers Magazine

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Ernie from Hot Bike Baggers swung by and let us add a set of our 940 Series shocks to his Road King. Check out the install on their site!

Touring Link Install Video – It’s pretty easy!

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Finally an inexpensive and easy to install solution to the handling challenges faced by many touring models. Does not hang below the frame or impede ground clearance.
Keeps motor/swingarm assembly aligned with chassis without introducing unnecessary vibration to the rider and it’s pretty easy to install. Take a look!